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Friends on Safari with the Barabaig

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Accommodation Levels

Mobile Camping Comfortable Tented Camps Safari Lodge Luxury at its Best!

Included Features

* All meals, accommodation and park fees

* Multiple accommodation choices

* Special safari activity books for children

* English speaking driver

* Excellent safari and cultural guides

* 4WD vehicle with open-roofs for prime viewing

* Village development contributions

* Authentic, interactive and exclusive exploration of Barabaig culture

* Pre-departure kit and materials

* Private pre-trip consultation

* Membership to the Flying Doctors Society

Young Tommies in the Ngorongoro Crater

Thomson gazelle (often nicknamed “Tommie”) is exceptionally alert to sounds and movements. This awareness acts as a balance to its vulnerability on Tanzania’s open plains.


Karibu! Another Land welcomes you in joining its most sacred safari. From viewing wildlife in the Serengeti and learning from our expert guides to participating in the cultural activities of the rainmaking Barabaig tribe in the Rift Valley, you will walk away with stories to tell for a lifetime.

Where The Wild Things Are

Your adventure begins with a wildlife safari through the famed Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks. Tanzania is among the best places in Africa to see the 'Big Five' (lion, leopard, rhino, water buffalo, and elephant) and the annual wildebeest migration

This safari also includes permits to visit the Gol Kopjes, which are famous for cheetah sightings. Only those with these special permits and who have Land Rovers or Land Cruisers are permitted into the Gol Kopje area.

Making Rain

After safari, your cultural adventure begins. Travel to the remote region of the Barabaig tribe, a secretive pastoral tribe that has retained almost all of their ancestral traditions. Upon their return to the US, travelers will regale in telling stories of collecting honey under the night sky, brewing honeybeer, holding the rainmaker’s sacred vessel and collecting traditional medicines with the Barabaig.

Discovery and Adventure

Friends on Safari with the Barabaig is a journey of wildlife adventures and cultural discovery.

Itinerary Overview

Day 1 – Arrive in Tanzania
Getting ready for safari

Day 2 – Begin your safari in Lake Manyara National Park
Lake Manyara is best known for hippos and flamingos.

Day 3 & 4 – On Safari in the Serengeti
Stage for the Great Migration from January through July

Day 5 – Discovering our ancestors at Olduvai Gorge
Visit the famous Leakey site en route to the Ngorongoro Crater.

Day 6 – On Safari in the Ngorongoro Crater
Stage for the Great Migration in November & December

Day 7 – On Safari in Tarangire National Park
The permanent waters of the Tarangire River are home to a plethora of wildlife

Day 8 – Onward to the Barabaig Village
Immerse your self in Barabaig culture with an Another Land Village Program

Day 9 & 10 - Discovering the ways of the Barabaig
Activities might include making rain and brewing honey beer.

Day 11 - Village Farewell and return to Arusha

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