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Land of Lakes and Volcanoes - Culture and Wildlife Safari

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Included Features

* All meals

* First class lodging

* All transportation within Rwanda

* Boat launch on Lake Kivu

* Exposure to Rwanda's diverse cultures

* Exclusive primate safari

* 2 gorilla trekking permits per person

* Pre-departure kit and materials

* Private pre-trip consultation

Mt. Muhabura

Mt. Muhabura, pictured above, is the 3rd highest volcano in the Varungas. Its distinctive peek has served as a navigational landmark for centuries.

Monkeys, Chimps And Gorillas – Oh My!

On this 9 day safari adventure you journey over hills, through valleys and forests, across lakes and up mountains in search of Rwanda’s treasures. Wildlife encounters await you at every turn. In Nyungwe Forest you seek out monkeys and chimpanzees accompanied by the abundant bird and butterfly species found here. In Rwanda’s famed Virunga Mountains you set your sights on Africa’s gentle giant – the Mountain Gorilla.

Kings And Fishermen

Rwanda’s history and cultural diversity are evident in royal palaces, modern tea plantations, traditional fishing villages and in the contrast of old and new in Kigali. This itinerary gives you the flexibility to explore Rwandan culture as part of a structured tour or on your own, relaxing along the shores of Lake Kivu, chatting with the locals or strolling through the villages.

Itinerary Overview

Day 1 - Arrival in Kigali, Rwanda
Enjoy a leisurely evening after a quick safari briefing.

Day 2 – Royal Discoveries en rout to Nyungwe Forest
Visit Butare (often called Rwanda’s intellectual and cultural pulse) and the Royal Palace in Nyanza.

Day 3 – Colubus Monkeys of Nyungwe Forest
The forest is home to the Angola Colobus monkey, 27 endemic bird species and 125 orchid varieties.

Day 4 – On the Shores of Lake Kivu: Kibuye
A small fishing village gives you a glimpse into a culture unchanged for generations.

Day 5 – Sailing to Gisenyi
Island hoping on Lake Kivu. An afternoon on the beach and then to the Virungas

Day 6 & 7 – Tracking Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park
Spend your mornings with our closest genetic cousin. Afternoon activities are based on your preferences.

Day 8 – Back to Kigali
Experience the city’s sights and sounds before indulging in local cuisine.

Day 9 – Farewell to Rwanda

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