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Our Village Programs


Chagga Barabaig


Buganda Busoga

Programs Buganda Cooking

Preparing some plantains for traditional cooking in our Buganda program.

The Vision

Another Land, in conjunction with several villages and artisans in Uganda and Tanzania, provides the highest quality cultural programs available in East Africa. All programs are authentic and participatory. The programs not only benefit the traveler by giving them an amazing cultural experience so few have access to, but also benefit the communities economically, socially and emotionally. Besides the four village programs listed to the left, we work with tens of artisan groups and co-ops throughout East Africa, which is perfect for those with special interests!

How do villages benefit?

A SIGNIFICANT portion of proceeds from each traveler's trip goes towards the development of the villages they visit. The financial reward to the families and villages that participate in Another Land programs is great. For example, 10 people for 4 days in a village is enough for the village to dig a well with a pump. Your visit does great things.

East Africa is a land where people have been told for over a hundred years that they need to become more 'Western'. We are helping to instill lost pride by learning about their culture and holding it in high regard. Our programs have helped not only preserve traditions, but have also sparked cultural innovation within these traditions.

Discover by Doing!

Are you looking for an experience that makes you feel truly alive? Do you want an authentic, intimate and pure moment experiencing life behind the scenes of older societies? Another Land's Expeditions are designed specifically for travelers like you who want an optimal experience that enhances their life, has meaning and has them participate in this new world around them. Another Land travelers roll up their sleeves and Discover By Doing! During the time learning and teaching, this is when the jokes, stories, and personal tidbits are shared. This is when life is shared. Also, by sitting down and participating on a meaningful level, travelers turn from tourist to friend; they are not passing through - they are truly there.

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