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Our Busoga Village Program

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Friends in the Forest with the Busoga

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Man with lyre

This man plays a lyre for a small audience in the Busoga village.

The People of the Nile

Another Land has authentic African programs with two neighboring Busogan villages, which differ greatly to show travelers the variety within one culture. These Busoga villages are known for their amazing xylophone musical group and weaving co-op. The xylophone is enormous with 6 people playing interlocking rhythms at once. The ensemble is complete with fiddles, pan flutes, shakers and chorus. The weaving co-op is a tight-knit group of widows who support each other through their basketry and mats. The villages are also home to a powerful and respected spirit healer. Travelers spend 1 to 3 days in the villages and may choose to camp or stay in a bed and breakfast in Jinja, Uganda.

Wedding Ceremony

Our favorite program with these two villages is a traditional Busogan wedding. The travelers become the "brides" and "grooms" (it is not legal - just a ton of fun). The grooms will stay one night with one village while the brides stay with the other. The prospective villages will provide the brides and grooms with Busogan marital advice. The two villages come together for a daylong celebration, which includes great comedy, antics, music, dance and feasting.

Discover by Doing with the Basoga

* Walking tour of the villages
* Learning to play the Busogan xylophone and other instruments
* Traditional cooking
* Spirit and Medicinal healing
* Learning Busogan dance
* Traditional Agriculture
* Basket and mat weaving
* Traditional Wedding Celebration and Ceremony
* Any other spontaneous village activity

Benefits to the Busoga Villages

A significant portion of proceeds from each traveler's trip goes towards the community development of the villages. Projects paid for by proceeds of past trips include supporting the widows co-op, school fees and community latrines.

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