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Tanzania's Wildlife Parks, Reserves and Conservation Areas


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Map of Tanzania's Parks

Tanzania is a safari destination without peer. One-quarter of its surface area has been set aside for conservation purposes. In total, Tanzania harbors an estimated 20 percent of Africa's large mammal population.

The Land Of The Authentic Safari

Over 25% of Tanzania’s landmass has been set aside for wildlife parks, reserves and conservation areas. This is more than any other country on earth. Because so much of Tanzania’s undeveloped areas have been conserved, here one can truly experience the animal kingdom in vast, natural habitats. Besides the major parks listed on our site, Tanzania is also peppered with small, lesser know parks. One can divide the major wildlife regions into three different ‘safari circuits’. Remember there is more than is listed here and we can always customize your safari to include other parks.

Northern Safari Circuit

Tanzania's northern wildlife reserve circuit is where most envision the classic safari experience. Furthermore, this area of Africa has the highest concentration of wildlife on the continent. Here is where travelers find the wildebeest and zebra migration, dramatic savannah scenery (ideal for photographers), healthy herd and predator populations and our favorite park: the Ngorongoro Crater. Home to some of the world's most famous and renowned game parks, Tanzania's northern circuit is a wonderful choice for those just beginning to explore Africa’s wildlife. When comparing Tanzania’s safari circuits, think of the north as the savannahs and the herd.

Southern Safari Circuit

More remote and host to fewer visitors, Tanzania's southern circuit promises exciting wildlife encounters to those who venture off the beaten track. While the north is typically a better location for wildlife photography, the south is more for the traveler who wants to get out of the vehicle and partake in walking or boat safaris. Furthermore, ‘Selous’ type vehicles are permitted in some parts of the south vs more closed safari vehicles in the north. When comparing Tanzania’s safari circuits, think of the south as the elephants, the waterways, the bird . . . and if you are lucky, wild dog.

Western Safari Circuit

Even more remote than the southern circuit, the western circuit is perfect for the adventurist. Yet, a word for the wise, these parks are some of the most difficult to reach in Tanzania, but the journey is well worth it. Here in the west, you will find both tropical primates and savannah animals. When comparing Tanzania’s circuits, think of the west as the primates and the unusual.

Northern Parks

Arusha Lake Manyara Ngorongoro Serengeti Oldupai Gorge Tarangire

Southern Parks

Ruaha The Selous Mikumi Udzungwa Mts

Western Parks

Gombe Stream Katavi Mahale Mts