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Rwanda's Wildlife Parks, Reserves and Conservation Areas


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Map of Rwanda's Parks

The Land of a Thousand Hills, as Rwanda is fondly known, is a country of consistently stunning scenery, gorillas, chimpanzees and a wide variety of wildlife waiting to be discovered.

Rwanda’s Legendary Gorillas

Rwanda’s most famous residents are, without a doubt, the gorillas of the Virunga Mountains, made legendary by Dian Fossey and “Gorillas in the Mist”, the movie based on her life’s work. To this day Rwanda remains Africa’s premier gorilla tracking destination. Observing these gentle giants in their natural habitat is possibly one of the most awe inspiring, humbling and emotional animal encounters to be had.

Stunning Beauty & Natural Wonders

But Rwanda is not only about Gorillas. It is a country full of natural wonders worthy of exploration: the mountain-ringed inland sea that is Lake Kivu; the immense Nyungwe Forest with its chimpanzees, monkeys and rare birds; the wild savannah of Akagera National Park. No matter where you travel in this lush country, you are surrounded by consistently memorable scenery, and endless succession of steep cultivated mountains that have justifiably earned Rwanda the nickname Land of a Thousand Hills.

Variety In Wildlife

Rwanda’s three main conservation areas protect very different ecosystems. Akagera supports the typical savannah fauna dominated by a variety of antelope, grazers such as zebra, buffalo and giraffe. You will also find hippopotamus, lions, leopards and hyenas here. In the north of Rwanda, you find the Virunga Mountains with their famed gorillas, golden monkeys and relic populations of buffalo and even some elephants. In the south, Nyungwe Forest supports one of Africa’s richest varieties of forest specialists, ranging from 12 types of primate to golden cat, duiker and giant forest hog.


Rwanda is also a wonderful destination for birdwatchers, with an incredible670 recorded species. While two of the prime birding areas are Nyungwe and Akagera, almost anywhere in the country can prove rewarding to birders: an hour in the garden of one of the capital’s hotels is likely to result in sighting of a variety of colorful robin-chats, weavers, finches, flycatchers and sunbirds.

Wildlife Parks

Nyungwe Forest Lake Kivu Volcanoes National Park Akagera National Park