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Analamazaotra Reserve / Perinet


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Indri Lemur

The Indri are best known for their haunting song. Other sounds you might hear from them is a bark when they are agitated and a kissing noise when they are feeling affectionate.


The park consists of two protected areas, the special Reserve of Indri d' Analamazaotra and the National park of Mantadia. Analamazaotra is popularly known by the old French name of the nearby town and railway station, Périnet (Andasibe in Malagasy). Most visitors making the two-day excursion from Antananarivo have one purpose: to hear and see the Indri Indri.

The Indri Indri Lemur

Analamazaotra, better known as Perinet, is world famous for its population of Indri lemurs, the largest lemur living today. Despite its large size, the Indri refuses to move along the ground, and will negotiate gaps by leaping, often over 33 feet between tree trunks. Visitors to Perinet are likely to encounter habituated groups of Indri while walking the park’s trails. Even if you don’t see them, anyone within a mile of the park is sure to hear the haunting call of the Indri in the morning from day break to around noon and then again in the late afternoon. As you walk along the trails in Perinet, you may also hear the Indri making a kissing sound. Appropriately enough, the Indri make this noise when being affectionate.


More advanced trails can be hiked in the nearby park of Mantadia where you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of diademed sifaka and black and white ruffed lemurs.

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