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Madagascar's Wildlife Parks, Reserves and Conservation Areas


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Map of Madagascar's Parks

Madagascar separated from the African mainland more than 150 million years ago. 70% of all species found here are endemic to the island. The most famous of these is probably the lemur.


Madagascar, often described as a naturalist's paradise, separated as an island from Africa more than 150 million years ago. This isolation has made the world's fourth largest island a living laboratory for evolution. An island roughly the size of Texas or France, Madagascar is home to more than 250,000 species of which 70% are found nowhere else on the globe.

Endemic Flora & Fauna

Madagascar possesses a rugged mountainous backbone, deserts, rivers, lakes and a vast array of habitats such as the rainforests along the east coast, dry forest in the west, and the spiny desert in the south. This environmental diversity has promoted the evolution of plants and animals that occur nowhere else on our planet. Unique to the island are more than 50 types of lemurs, 99% of its frog species, and 36 genera of birds. Madagascar is home to ALL of the world's lemurs, half of its chameleon species, 6 percent of its frogs, and none of its toads.

Northern Parks

Montagne d'Ambre Nosy Be Masoala Nosy Mangabe Ankarafantsika Ampijoroa

Central Parks

Perinet Betampona Bemaraha Zahamena Ranomafana

Southern Parks

Isalo Andohahela Berenty Beza Mahafaly Lac Tsimanampetsotsa