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Amboseli National Park


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Amboseli Elephants

Elephants are extremely social animals. They recognize family members and friends and it is quite common to see elephants greet one another with a “trunk-shake” when they meet.

Elephant Country

One of the classic images of East Africa, let alone Kenya, is that of a herd of elephant strolling across the plains with the snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro in the background. It is to catch this sight on memory - and on film - that people flood to Amboseli National Park. Protected first by the Maasai, ancestral inhabitants of the land who have been protective of the wildlife here and made elephant poaching by outsiders very difficult, then by Amboseli Elephant Trust, elephants have thrived in this park. The 1600 + elephants are one of the few populations in which animals span the whole age range from newborn calves to wise old matriarchs in their late 60s. Even more unusual is the number of large bulls in their 40s, 50s and even 60s. Amboseli National Park remains the best place to see elephants in Kenya.

The Snow-Capped Peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro

While Kilimanjaro is actually across the border in Tanzania, Amboseli has a perfect view of the world's tallest freestanding mountain, rising an impressive 5 kilometers above the plains. It is at dusk and dawn that the veil of clouds on the eastern horizon is most likely to clear, revealing the majestic snow-capped peaks of Kilimanjaro. Those who dream of Hemingway’s Kilimanjaro should make haste. Kilimanjaro’s snow and ice is melting faster than it is being replaced. It is a sad probability that we will witness a snowless mountain in our life times.

Big Opportunities In A Small Park

Streams from Kilimanjaro flow into Amboseli feeding underground springs and rivers, providing a continuous source of water for plants and animals. This makes Amboseli, one of the smaller game parks in Kenya, one of the most active with a large concentration of non-migratory animals. This is your best opportunity to see the critically endangered black rhino, along with a spectacular range of wildlife. The area's low and well-munched vegetation also ensures that animals are easy to spot. Lions can easily be found and can occasionally be watched stalking their prey. Buffalo, cheetah, gazelle, hyena, jackal, wildebeest, zebra, and baboon are just some of the animals that can be encountered at Amboseli.

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