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The Aberdare Mountains


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Aberdare Elephant

The lush forests of the Aberdares ensure that animals who make these woods their home will almost always find water. The alpine-like landscape makes an unexpected back drop for African animals.

Once Upon A Time

Aberdares National Park is a fairyland, awesome in its majesty and beauty. The highest point of the Aberdare mountain range is Ol Doinyo Satima (the mountain of the young bull in the language of the Maasai), which reaches 3998m. Winding roads stretch across the mountains from Naivasha to Nyeri, passing through misty moorlands where strange six meter tall mutants of alpine plants - groundsel, erica, hypericum, lobelia and sennecio - grow in profusion. Icy rivers plunge in glorious cascades and spectacular waterfalls and the echoes of elephant calls drift in the air along the forested ridge that used to be their migration route.

The World (Or Forest) Is A Stage

The forest is rich in wildlife; elephant and rhino, warthog, bush pig and giant forest hog, waterbuck, duiker, suni, dikdik, bongo and reedbuck are all to be seen. In the canopy, black and white colobus monkeys perform aerial acrobatics to an audience of Sykes' monkeys and black faced vervets. Lions groom their coats, fuller than those of their savannah cousins, always watching for the next meal as leopards slink through the trees doing the same. Birds are not only plentiful but also dazzling. The crowned eagle (which eats monkeys) is everywhere and the forest echoes to the shrill cries of the Silvery-cheeked hornbill. Resplendent sunbirds, among them both green and scarlet malachite and the brilliant metallic violet tacazze, flitter around the scene, reflecting the sun off their metallic feathers in a brilliant light show.

Walk On The Wild Side

Within the Aberdares National Park are two lodges, both of which are built on slat licks and watering holes. Guests do not leave these, rather they enjoy the relaxed atmosphere while observing the wildlife that comes to drink. As a result, the park is somewhat unexplored and provides adventurers a fantastic opportunity to discover its story book grandeur.

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