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Zanzibar Safaris

Zanzibar has much to offer to travelers. Due to the island's small size and the towns' narrow passageways, biking is the best way to get around Zanzibar and explore. We use local 1-speed bikes that are great for tooling around the towns and nearby 'suburbs'. Biking is a great way to take a grand tour of Stone Town.

The beaches and waters of Zanzibar are angelic. The fine, white sands stretch farther than the eye can see. Unlike many other beach resort areas, Zanzibar's beaches are peaceful and quiet. In the early morning hours, local athletes do their daily workouts along the beaches and fishermen sail out to check their nets. Travelers can enjoy the beaches by swimming, taking in the sun, and enjoying a game of volleyball.

Zanzibar’s relaxed pace encourages active travelers to explore the island in a spontaneous way. Here are some of our favorites:

*Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
*Fishing Trips

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