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Press Releases

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It's all about friends. Another Land founder Nichole Smaglick with Gidafarada, a professional rainmaker.

Our Story

When living in Tanzania, Nichole Smaglick saw that travelers were on a "conveyor" belt: Get off the plane, safari, safari, safari, souvenir shop, safari, stop to take picture of posing Maasai on the road, safari, safari, souvenir shop, back on the plane.

Many travelers desperately wished to truly interact with the people around them, but they did not budget the time for it and more importantly, did not know where to begin. Furthermore, travel dollars were not reaching the local communities. Therefore, Nichole started Another Land, which focuses on a more meaningful way to experience East Africa by learning from and participating with local communities through music, cooking, beer brewing, blacksmithing, rainmaking, basket weaving, and much more.

This experiment worked. Our travelers are delighted with the quality, flexibility and authenticity of the programs. The community members enjoy the freshness, finacial benefits and vision of the projects. And we at Another Land are blessed with the wonderful people around the world whom we have brought together.

Our Brand Promise

Another Land creates opportunities in partnership with African villages, our customers and the company founded on authenticity, access, cultural innovation and responsibility.

The Amias Jewelry and Handbag Project

One night in 2003 as Carol Beckwith, Angela Fisher (authors of Africa Adorned) and Nichole were relaxing with a few beers after a Barabaig ceremony they attended that day, the idea of Amias was born. Nichole now works with over 50 traditional Barabaig beaders, blacksmiths and tailors to create jewelry and handbags that are inspired by Barabaig fashion. For more information about Amias, please visit our Amias Project website.


Due to our relationships with rural communities, we have been given access to amazing stories and events. Over the years, we have worked on several media projects for various clients, such as National Geographic. For media and documentary projects we can deliver research, program conception, implementation and field production, filming, and interpretation.

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